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To all you inkophiles out there, be advised that the Ink Test Library has been reorganized to work entirely off WordPress (yay!). This means that all the review content of previous ink test posts are now searchable using the search function on the top right of the blog pages.

The Ink Test Library in question (Now accessible by the Library links at the top and left sidebar of the blog) currently houses all the content from the previous posts as listed below, and the entries organized under their respective ink brands.

In the future, ink test posts will be added as they have been so far, and in addition their content will be made available in the Library in due course. The links to the Library and the posts in question are included below for your reference, and have a great new year ahead!

EveryThink Else Ink Test Library

Inky Posts:

[Ink Test Library] Montblanc Inks Roundup – SFPL Pen Meet May 2015

[Ink Test Library] Rohrer & Klingner Inks – Singapore Fountain Pen Lovers (SFPL) Meetup Oct 2015

[INK TEST LIBRARY] KWZ Inks Part 1 of 3 – Iron Gall Blues Roundup

[INK TEST LIBRARY] KWZ INKS PART 2 OF 3 – Of greens and gold

[INK TEST LIBRARY] KWZ INKS PART 3 OF 3 – Of The Rest Of The Spectrum