Fireworks at People’s Park Complex during the Chinese New Year countdown.

The Chinese New Year album is now up! It is currently in the process of being updated with the latest images from the River Hongbao display and the Chinatown countdown for the Chinese New Year.

River Hongbao Entrance

For all of you who are in Singapore and wondering what to do during this Chinese New Year period while the shops are still closed, do come on down to the River Hongbao display at The Float, Marina Reservoir Singapore. There will be nightly fireworks displays at 9pm from the 6th Feb all the way to 14th Feb. Given that there will be the usual insane crowds during the festivities, do allow for time to get in position if you intend to photograph the fireworks.

To all you Chinese readers out there, Happy Lunar New Year, and may the year of the Monkey be awesome for you all.

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