Pilot Iroshizuku Yama Budo

Some may call this Crimson Glory Vine. Others call it mountain grapes. To me, Pilot Iroshizuku Yama Budo will be precisely that: Yama Budo. And while I am generally not mad about purples, I have a very personal soft spot for this particular ink. But first, a story about grapes and grape aromas. I was initially led to believe that grape flavor was some variety of inexplicably chemical-like aroma which spawned out of nothingness. I later found out that the Concord type grapes, of which Japanese Kyoho grapes are a member, smelled remarkably like artificial grape smell (or vice versa). This surprised me, because the grapes I’ve had thus far did not in fact smell anything like…grapes.

Back to Iroshizuku Yama Budo. It is an ink that is actually a deep grape purple which I would actually term a variety of royal purple. More importantly, it seems prone to developing a metallic gold rim to it, which reminds me of the rich purple with gold trim I have come to associate with Roman Togas of Tyrian Purple. In fact it wound up as one of the first inks I acquired in my ink exploration journey, and I am happy that it is now possible to include it in the full Iroshizuku set.

Iroshizuku Yama Budo is a lovely ink, and be damned if the office does not allow such a beautiful color in business correspondence. That said, the ink has a slight resistance to a smudge and while barely water resistant it actually maintains a core of legibility on a soak! Surprising. Upon wetting, the color the ink lets off actually makes me want to lick it, however bad an idea that may well be.

Shading – Minimal
Bleedthrough – None
Feathering – None
Sheen – Metallic gold
Smear Resistance – Slight
Drip Resistance – Slight
Flow – Dry/Normal

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