Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuyu Kusa

Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuyu Kusa is apparently the Asiatic Dayflower. This one I needed to look up, because it is the first I have heard of it (albeit understandably so considering my extremely limited knowledge of botany). I may or may not have seen it around my area, but I imagine as a flower it would be relatively unremarkable. It is not a plant that readily catches the eye.

On the other hand, Iroshizuku Tsuyu Kusa does seem to capture the essence of the Dayflower’s coloration rather well. It is a receding sort of almost pastel blue with a touch of purple to its lineage lending it some darkness. Flowing slightly wetter than the previous blues, Tsuyu Kusa still has that Iroshizuku darkness around its edges and the metallic purple sheen when laid on wetly.

Amongst the blues of Iroshizuku, however, I would rate this ink to be the most boring. By boring I mean predictable, and that may well be a virtue by the books of other people. Apart from its own natural highlighting, frankly I would have thought I’ve seen this ink before elsewhere, multiple times. Perhaps it does indeed take after its namesake.

It does have some resilience in being resistant to a casual swab, but it does not take well to soaking. Then again, none of the Iroshizukus are reputed to be waterproof or even water resistant, so none of this should shock anyone. Really, it shouldn’t.

Shading – Slight, with the standard edge darkening.
Bleedthrough – None
Feathering – None
Sheen – Metallic purple
Smear Resistance – Limited.
Drip Resistance – Most definitely none.
Flow – Normal-dry.


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