Pilot Iroshizuku Tsusuji

Behold the regal Pilot Iroshizuku Azalea. I mean Pilot Iroshizuku Tsutsuji. Pilot seems to have a good number of reds and purples in the Iroshizuku line, which leads me to believe that the colors of nature in Japan may involve a good number of these hues. Oddly, while this particular hue is in fact a good distance from Royal Purple, I have somehow come to associate it with the color, probably due to the way that metallic greenish golden sheen stands out on this rather fine ink.

The Iroshizuku Tsutsuji ink is in fact a hybrid of purple and pink, which actually looks rather nice when laid on thick. It is nearly a magenta, but lacks the shocking brightness that I have come to associate with it. That said, this ink comes with a brilliant metallic gold sheen with distinct flashes of green to it, making it quite eye catching even on normal writing. I would compare this sheen to the one present in Pilot Iroshizuku Momiji.

As a purple it probably is less acceptable in serious-minded workplaces, but I expect that fans would find ways to sneak this stuff into their workflow anyway. It must be noted that whatever work one does in Iroshizuku Tsutsuji must not touch water under any circumstances. I will not be held responsible for what happens, as you can probably see from the scan above.

Shading – None
Bleedthrough – None
Feathering – None
Sheen – Pronounced metallic greenish gold
Smear Resistance – None
Drip Resistance – None
Flow – Dry/Normal

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