Pilot Iroshizuku Ina Ho

Ina Ho translates as rice ear, and this particular Pilot Iroshizuku ink is now in the familiar territory of Asian staple grain on the sheaf. Rice, with its husk on, is indeed of a general straw brown, though the numerous varieties of rice in Asia would mean that I have to assume this refers to some sort of Japanese rice, of which I only know Koshihikakri.

Ina Ho is interestingly grainy for a Pilot Iroshizuku ink, and forms dots on paper akin to the graininess I’ve seen on Chiku Rin. While Ina Ho possesses absolutely no sheen, it does shade rather nicely and this presents some highlighting to the characters as they are written.

Iroshizuku Ina Ho is only barely resistant to the smudge, but like Chiku Rin, it does seem to leave a bluish ghost that remains when the soaking is done. I suppose this ink cannot be classified as one of the Office Approved ™ colors, but I think it is a sufficiently pretty straw brown as to be worthy of the honor of sitting in some pen that gets pulled out when some fun is to be had.

Shading – Moderate
Bleedthrough – Slight
Feathering – Slight
Sheen – None
Smear Resistance – Minimal
Drip Resistance – Minimal, blue ghost remaining
Flow – Dry


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