Pilot Iroshizuku Ajisai

Pilot Iroshizuklu Ajisai translates to “Hydrangea“, which is a flowering shrub common to various parts of Asia. I used to have a Hydrangea plant growing at home, and it bloomed with a very distinctive inflorescence of bluish purple flowers arranged in an almost circular head. Of course, it must be noted that Hydrangeas do indeed come in quite a variety of colors, so one cannot expect the ink to match some generic Hydrangea flower color – because there is none.

That said, Iroshizuku Ajisai is a very sober blue with purplish aspirations. It is definitely dry even for a Pilot ink, yet it retains a very interesting sort of shading, if it may even be called that. The ink tends to develop a border of darkened blue, which lends a sort of contrast to the writing which makes it stand out quite nicely from the background of the paper.

The ink proves to be somewhat smudge resistant, though I definitely would not count on it for water resistance. That said, I think Iroshizuku Ajisai is sufficiently well behaved and blue enough to be used as an everyday ink on those drier pens in one’s stable. I expect the color would stand up to the scrutiny of reasonable formal use.

Shading – Minimal, edge darkening lends a beautiful highlighting
Bleedthrough – None
Feathering – None
Sheen – None
Smear Resistance – Limited
Drip Resistance – None
Flow – Dry

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