Pelikan Edelstein Turmaline

Edelstein Turmaline is the Ink of the Year 2012 . It seems to be intended to take after the Rubelite variety of Tourmaline, with its distictive red with a strong pink heritage. It is of normal wetness, which makes it wetter than is common to the Pelikan 4001 range. As with Edelstein offerings, the ink is sufficiently saturated as to allow the ink to remain a rich pinkish red without leaning too far into a more anaemic pink territory. The ink is absolutely not water resistant, so it is likely easy on pens but unforgiving for when one spills one’s drink on it.

Shading – Some
Bleedthrough –  None
Feathering – None whatsoever
Sheen – Very very subtle gold
Smear Resistance – Limited
Drip Resistance – None
Flow – Dry/Normal

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