Pelikan Edelstein Ruby

Pelikan Edelstein Ruby is a rather more pinkish interpretation of what would otherwise be mistaken for Garnet. In a form true to many Pelikan inks, this particular offering is actually rather dry, which would probably be pleasing to fans of fine lines and who have exceedingly wet pens. It also has some rather nice shading going. This ink actually has a surprising resilience towards a moist swabbing, and it barely budges on a smudge. Hmm! It can also  just barely survive a soaking, though sadly this also means that despite its stubbornness in the face of the swab does not carry over to a more determined effort at removal by water.

Shading – Notable
Bleedthrough – Limited
Feathering – None
Sheen – No, but some ink separation that trends golden brown where it’s lighter.
Smear Resistance – Very high
Drip Resistance – Limited
Flow – Dry

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