KWZ IG Violet #2

KWZ Ink Violet #2

KWZ Violet #2 could actually pass off as a cousin of R&K Scabiosa, albeit with a somewhat lighter and more intensely violet hue on oxidation. If anything it even has superior smudge resistance and comparable dryness to the R&K offering. This is actually a good thing, considering that I am a fan of Scabiosa. It remains very legible after a soaking, so on the whole I would definitely recommend this ink as a workhorse offering. Just note that it is not quite as differentiated as it could be.

Shading – Some 
Bleedthrough – Nonexistent
Feathering – Extinct
Sheen – Nope
Smear Resistance – Very. This is a good thing.
Drip Resistance – Quite. Still highly legible.
Flow – Dry

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