KWZ IG Red #3

KWZ Ink Red #3

KWZ Red #3 was another ink that I was hoping would satisfy my desire for a waterproof (or at least highly water resistant) blood red. It certainly does lean more towards the red than the standard Red does, but still lacks that richness which would make the mark. It does, however, qualify as a rather nice dark cherry, and actually looks remarkably velveteen on the flex swipe as you would see on the right on the ink test. I reached out to stroke it, but of course I was foolish in hoping that it would indeed feel like velvet.

This ink, unfortunately, does seem to smudge rather more than Red does. It does soak comparably, which is a good thing considering the ease with which one may read the writing after it has seen its fair share of DHMO.

Shading – Limited
Bleedthrough – Nonexistent
Feathering – Nonexistent
Sheen – Nonexistent
Smear Resistance – Less than moderate.
Drip Resistance – Definitely readable after a soak, but still not great
Flow – Dry/Normal

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