KWZ IG Violet #3

KWZ Ink IG Violet #3

KWZ Violet #3 delves into the realm of purples and has never looked back. If anything, it is a rather dark violet with a loyalty to its red family members. This ink is another that has a velveteen look to its flex stroke, but I have since learned my lesson and refrained from stroking it adoringly while murmuring sweet nothings into its nonexistent ear. I have been advised having tender feelings for one’s inks is not in any way disturbing or otherwise proscribed, and I take that advice to heart.

It does actually remind me somewhat of a water resistant version of R&K’s Alt Bordeaux, which I would urge you to have a look at should it interest you.

Shading – None
Bleedthrough – Nope
Feathering – Cannot
Sheen – Does not
Smear Resistance – Moderate
Drip Resistance – Maintains legibility, but does bleed a significant amount of color
Flow – Normal/Wet

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