KWZ IG Turquoise

KWZ Ink IG Turquoise

IG Turquoise really belongs more along the blue spectrum than green, but is sufficiently far removed from the traditional IG colors that I reckoned it fit better with the green team. Like the blues, however, turquoise is rather more water resistant than what you would see in the following test samples. It maintains legibility with a bright blue-leaning turquoise bleed, though I expect it would be sufficient to annoy those who insist on having utterly smudge-free work. It is most similar to Rohrer & Klingner’s Verdigris upon oxidation.

Shading – None
Bleedthrough – None
Feathering – None
Sheen – Glossiness when laid on thick
Smear Resistance – Pronounced turquoise smearing
Drip Resistance – Generally water resistant, pronounced color bleed
Flow – Dry/Normal

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