KWZ IG Mandarin

KWZ Ink IG Mandarin

KWZ Mandarin IG actually made me do a double take. While it is not named Gold like the ink in the previous review, this one actually looked the part once it was done oxidizing. I kept checking the paper to see if there was sheen, but there was none. Something about this ink fooled my eyes into thinking they were looking at actual gold (possibly its lovely shading and that greenish tinge which I have learned to associate with gold.

While it does smudge and the color runs very noticeably on a soaking, I think this ink is a very worthy contender for the lineup of one who is unlikely to inundate their writings.

Shading – Moderate, creates illusion of staring at gold
Bleedthrough –  Nonexistent
Feathering – Nonexistent
Sheen – None. I checked.
Smear Resistance – Moderate
Drip Resistance – Barely qualifies as water resistant
Flow – Dry/Normal

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