KWZ IG Gummiberry

KWZ Ink IG Gummiberry

KWZ Gummiberry is just past that point of purple where I would develop the urge to lick the paper fully expecting it to taste of some grapey-flavored gummy candy. I am sure it has gone too far into the realm of the purples to qualify as fantastical Gummiberry Juice. It is, however, a darker somewhat grey offering that reminds me of really dark grape that reveals its mixture with blueberries upon smudging. It also does bleed a curiously blue-purple hue with the extended ingress of water.

Shading – Nope
Bleedthrough – Does not
Feathering – Will not
Sheen – And this is iron gall, so no.
Smear Resistance – Moderate, pronounced color bleed…reminding me of blueberries
Drip Resistance – Moderate, preserving clear visibility
Flow – Normal

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