KWZ Ink IG Gold

IG Gold is where we enter the fun zone of orange/red spectrum inks. Gold is a fascinating ink, because of the way it oxidizes. It starts off as a relatively clear amber solution which rapidly darkens within 2 hours to the color you see in the sample here. I am strongly inclined to do a time lapse of this oxidation process, since it is impossible to capture it in a scan without smudging the work. Upon oxidation, the ink actually takes on the appearance of tarnished brass. This ink is notable for being quite legible despite the bleed, though it remains firmly on the water resistant side.

Shading – None
Bleedthrough – None
Feathering – None
Sheen – None
Smear Resistance – Pronounced tarnished brass smearing
Drip Resistance – Generally water resistant, pronounced color bleed
Flow – Dry/Normal

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