It has been over 9 months since I moved to Stockholm, and am greatly honored and humbled by what I have seen of the city and how it behaves. Truly, one is privileged to be in an LGBT friendly country. I say this not because of bleeding heart liberal views, but because it has been a feature of human history where the power minorities inevitably suffer whenever access to resources tightens. Just as one is best able to welcome guests when one has ample food available, a country must be sufficiently stable and well supplied to be able to sustainably nurture and sustain a culture of tolerance and love. This I see in Sweden, and for that I feel truly privileged to be here.

The turnout for the parade was around 500k, depending on the news source one reads. This being the first parade of this scale (Singapore’s Pink Dot hovered at around 30k, to put things in context), it was a riot for the senses and an overwhelming experience to see that many people out in support. For a country as sparsely populated as Sweden, this is an impressive turnout indeed.

Thinking back on the surreal experience, I think what one can do is to wish that the good fortune of this region is ultimately shared by the world. The world is going through a challenging time, whereby the inequality of wealth distribution all over the world is leading to the rise of strongmen who will be hostile to the thought of being hospitable to power minorities. As long as people feel their livelihoods are in danger, so too will the rights of the power minorities suffer, and by extension freedom itself. With that said, happy pride month, Sweden, and keep the love alive!