Stuttgart is a well known travel destination in Germany, and there is no shortage of sights within the city proper. The gothic cathedral amidst the city, Stiftskirche, for example (not to be missed). Yet, for those who have a longer stay around the Stuttgart, one may wish to consider some day trips outside the city proper.

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1) Take A Wooden Cable Car

The Standseilbahn Stuttgart (Stuttgart Cable Car) is a venerable mode of transport. Decked out in brass and wooden furnishings, the Standseilbahn maintains its classical good looks from back in 1929 when it was established. It has, however, been outfitted with modern electronics for operations, if one were to watch the driver carefully while the car is in operation. It is a short and memorable ride up the 90m hill, towards the Munich Waldfriedhof.

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2) Visit Stuttgart’s WWI Military Cemetery In A Forest

Incidentally, the Stuttgart Walfriedhof forest cemetery is atop the hill that the Stuttgart Cable Car ascends, making it a very convenient visit along the way. Established in 1913, this cemetery is the resting place of numerous civilians, soldiers and officers from WWI, sectioned neatly out by their roles and units in the conflict. Nestled amongst the surrounding forest, the Walfriedhof is a peaceful place for one to meditate upon the past.

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3) Hike To A Waterfall In The Swabian Alps

There is a fine waterfall in the vicinity of the Swabian Alps, near to the town of Bad Urach. The rather originally named Bad Urach Waterfall is nestled amidst some gorgeous natural flora, and has a big, beautiful set of stone steps to make one’s ascent right easy despite the otherwise intimidating name of the “Alps”. Rest assured, it is not a climb that would leave one fatigued for weeks. The location itself is near to the Bad Urach Wasserfall station.

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4) Visit One Of The Largest Castle Ruins In Germany

Burg Hohenurach (Hohenurach Castle) is a massive ruin perched atop the Swabian Alps overlooking Bad Urach. It was built in the