Spring is a season of rebirth, where the winter thaws, the birds make babies, and clouds dispense the gentle showers that revitalize the land. Showers of snow, that is. Actually more like blizzards.

See, in Stockholm it is said that water in all its forms falls from the sky at any time of the year. Nearly anyway. This year, the vagaries of weather have deemed fit to give Easter a spot of blizzarding, which is apparently fairly unusual for the season. It is a bit of a cold snap, really.

That said, it was a quintessentially Swedish experience, where the weather really does not care what humans think is appropriate for a time of year. It snowed a ridiculous amount on that November day before I arrived in town, it was so warm a winter that Stockholm completely missed metereological Winter (as defined by an entire week of sub-zero temperatures) and of course the season had to make it up a little by snowing in Spring weeks after the flowers decided that their time of year had come.

While Stockholm city proper had some snow and nothing much, things were quite different on the archipelago. Being on a boat allows one to see that telltale haziness on the horizon shortly before the boat cheerfully commits itself to a low visibility cascade of crystalline water. Subject to the fickle nature of the weather, who knows what else this Swedish Spring has in store…