I visited the site of the truck crash at Sergels Torg two days after the incident. I expected to see a patched storefront, security tape everywhere and high police presence. While there was indeed a patch over the impact site, and police vehicles around, I was completely surprised by the sheer numbers of flowers, candles and other well wishes that were placed around the area as a makeshift memorial.

Ordinarily after a traumatic incident like this, it is expected to see an outpouring of grief, and possibly anger or outright hatred. In this instance, however, I bore witness to the generosity of the people of Stockholm minutes after the incident with the #openstockholm movement where people opened their homes to those stranded in the traffic lockdown. Days later, I see this most remarkable expression of solidarity in a notably peaceable fashion. I think I need belabor the point no more on the strength of the peoples’ spirit in this city, and the photos shall speak for themselves.