There is a major perk to living and working in Stockholm: There is ready access by public transport to the numerous nature reserves just a few stops away from city center. This time I visited the Nackareservatet (Nacka Nature Reserve). It has a slightly misleading name, because Nacka itself has 12 nature reserves, of which Nackareservatet is the largest.

Within this nature reserve, one can expect to find plenty of arboreal forms and water, alongside its fair share of rocky cliffs. It is just the sort of place that can masquerade as a frozen polar landscape while being just a few steps removed from the city center (one could stroll there within 2 hours or so).

It also appears to be a popular getaway in the warmer months, with a good number of people going to the area to unwind. If one happens to visit Stockholm and has a hankering for a spot of the outdoors, this is a fine place to be.