The way the news has been reporting on the “situation” in Stockholm, one could be forgiven to think that riots are rife here, chemical attacks are occurring on the trains and that all of Stockholm is burning. I think a more accurate interpretation of the situation would suggest that Stockholm is in fact still frozen, and probably will remain so for the next few weeks at least.

Winter is ending, and I can feel the distinct lack of proper chill in the air. Well, I suppose the surface of the lakes would disagree with me, but rest assured that thaw is coming despite the occasional chilly day. If anything, the winter has been exceedingly mild this year, and despite the astounding amount of snow when I arrived, things have not been so frosty.

Given the general lack of tenacity of frost in the city proper, I resolved to visit the surrounds over the remaining wintery weekends, and appreciate the frost as best I can before everything descends into the horror of exceedingly long days.

In the months that I’ve been here so far, I have visited surrounding areas that are home to lower priced groceries, and comparatively larger populations of minorities. While this is indeed a difference in demographic, it seems that the segregation is quite a matter of simple economics (Stockholm is indeed an expensive city, especially at city center). I cannot speak for the reasons behind the recent unrest at Rinkeby, but suffice to say that having been there personally several times at night, it is not an area that is exceedingly unsafe or seem particularly prone to violent activity. It would perhaps be sufficient to term it Stockholm-unsafe, which is probably a whole lot safer than say Detroit. It would be more along the lines of neighbourhoods in Singapore like Little India (which had its own riot sometime back).