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This would be my second week in Stockholm, still tackling the photos from the first week when the snow cannon dumped a whole foot of snow on the city over a single day. It is now the 24th of November, and Thanksgiving for the Americans (Hi, guys!). While all the snow is gone now, there are still things to be thankful for. For one, I am thankful for the general lack of sunlight and near freezing temperature of the environment. I know this may sound odd, and I am really not being sarcastic here, but this feels really comfortable at the moment. I am also thankful for having work with the wonderful team over here in Stockholm, and the solitude to really think about life, and to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings.

I received the first of the two part shipment of personal items from home yesterday, just in time for birthday. Except of course I realized that there were suspiciously few boxes. Yep…my desktop computer was not in the shipment: It wound up on the slow boat. And that computer was my gaming rig, so it serves as a reminder on the importance of double checking cargo manifests before signing off on them. Bah.

Looking back on these photos, I recall two very peculiar locations. The first being the hilltop restaurant Fåfängan to the northeast of Södermalm. While roaming for a couple hours from the south past the ships docked along Norra Hammarbyhamnen, I decided to redirect the expedition up north. Passing the snow-covered ski slope (wait…ski slope in the city?!) , I spotted a hill with well trimmed trees on top. However, I could see little else so I reckoned it was a park of some sort. Heading up the snowy, icy steps, I came to realize that it was in fact a restaurant atop the hill. Quite the commanding view, that. I expect it to be a rather choice dining spot come warmer months.

The other location was to the southwest, around Fittja. I was taking the T-Bana with the intention of hitting the terminus stations and hopefully seeing the city along the way. My train was crossing this rail bridge at Fittja, when I looked to the south. I saw a water body  (Lake Alby) flanked with snow-covered fields and rocky banks, and a massive ski slope (what’s it with Stockholm and ski slopes in the city). I knew at that point that I had to go down and have a roam about. Enjoying a snow-crunching walk along the quiet lakeside, I went along following the bank until I came across this ridiculous number of ducks. Turns out a lady’s been feeding the ducks, and they gathered for their meal when they saw her coming. Seeing warehouses beyond that point, I decided to turn back (I wound up heading to the warehouses for the BF1 launch event. Who would’ve thought…). The warehouse cluster was actually the Hangaren Subtopia, which was a rather surprising choice of event area. Well worth the visit.

I guess overall this is something I have always wanted: Easy access to quiet spaces that are good for introspection and re-centering oneself. It is the meditative quiet areas that allow one to consolidate one’s learnings and to formulate new concepts. It is remarkable how inspirational ready access to nature can be, and especially helpful that temperatures permit hours long walks without turning into a puddle of stinking sweat. Now that the scouting of immediate locations is nearly done, it is time to search for problems that need fixing.

Missed the first part of the Snow Cannon series? Click here to read more.