Dino skeletons in a mall? Well that’s not something you see in a mall ever so often. The Singapore Science Center has collaborated with Plaza Singapura to bring Singapore this rather novel mall installation: Dinosaurize Me.

Gigantosaurus - I thought you'd be bigger
Behold the Gigantosaurus (must’ve been a runt)

The event includes the usual archaeological activities for the kids, and the highlight of the display: Replicas of the Gigantosaurus and Argentinosaurus skeletons. I do so love it when folks foster an interest in science through such displays.

Argentinosaurus - Not your mom's Diplodocus
Argentinosaurus visits the mall.

For those who have yet to visit, the display will end on June 14th, so pop on by if you feel inclined.

Say cheese
That’s dinosaur for auf weidersehen.